Education/Events: CBCT Testimonials

Rave Reviews by Community Leaders - Testimonials

Dr. Ed Lin
"Dr. Carlson and Dr. Quintero are true leaders in our profession of orthodontics with a passion and commitment to continued technology development and excellence. Their knowledge and clinical application of CBCT and 3D imaging software is a tremendous resource and I highly encourage anyone interested in learning about CBCT to attend their course!"

Dr. Frank G. Kronberg
"As a practicing ENT physician I was impressed by the information and knowledge that I gained through the lectures given by Doctors Quintero and Carlson about the use of CBCT in Orthodontics. I am amazed by the results that they are able to attain with the use of this technology and see the vast benefits that this technology brings to the treatment of the airway in both children and adults."

Dr. David C. Hatcher
"Orthodontics is very fortunate to have pioneering clinicians of the caliber of Dr. Sean Carlson and Dr. JC Quintero. They clearly articulate the benefits of CBCT in orthodontics. I am favorably impressed knowing that they generate case specific imaging goals and optimize the imaging protocols to achieve those goals and at the same time manage dose."

Dr. John Graham
"Hands down and without question, two of the most venerable CBCT educators in orthodontics today. Period. Do yourself a favor and make room in your schedule to attend this course. You’ll be glad you did."

Dr. Duane Grummons
"Two early-adopter orthodontic colleagues, Dr. JC Quintero and Dr. Sean Carlson, deeply know and effectively teach accurate maxillo-mandibular structural and airway CBCT aspects. Be a continuous student by seeking their game changing knowledge."

Dr. Paul Damon
"Drs. Quintero & Carlson give an excellent course on how today’s orthodontist can play an integral part in airway related problems. The essential role that orthodontics, through CBCT, plays in early detection and treatment of airway compromised patients is clearly shown."

Dr. James Mah
"This well-presented course is the next level of clinical application when it comes to applying the wealth of comprehensive information that arises from CBCT imaging. This is a must-see course for orthodontists who want to get the most out of their CBCT imaging and stay on the leading edge."

Dr. Gerald Nelson
"You can anticipate a very useful presentation from two very informed and capable orthodontists who live what they teach. The patient family appreciates knowing more about the reasons for the treatment plan that they accept. Drs. Carlson and Quintero will show you how."